来源 考研论坛



1. It is sometimes beset with … 有时候会有…的境遇/会有…相伴

2. Nothing short of a … can help … 唯有…才能/全靠…才能够

3. Rolling on non-stop for thousands upon thousands of miles. 一泻千里

4. Fare likewise. 正如这样

5. Now … , now … 有时…,有时…

6. Better able to generate in oneself a sensation of … 更能让人产生一种…之感

7. … is now confronted with a … section of its course. …现在正遭遇进程上的一段…

8. … , however, can only be shared by … 而…,只有…样的人才可体会到

9. The present … crisis can never obstacle the advance of … 目前的…危机绝不会阻碍…的进步

10. Let us brace up our spirits and march through … 让我们鼓起雄健的精神…

11. The greatest joy of …, is to … during its most difficult days. 在最艰难的日子里…,亦是最大的乐趣

12. Grow restless 变得焦躁不安 Beg to differ 恕不同意/持反对意见

13. Dash here and there in search of … 跑来跑去的寻找

14. He is going to … so that he could … 他决定…以便…

15. … is not groundless because … …并非空害怕/没依据,因为…

16. Keep moving around in a hurry 慌慌张张地走/跑

17. What’s the rush? 为何这般慌?/怎么这么着急?

18. Behind … lay half a dozen of … near … 注意学习地理方位和位置的表述

19. look like rain, yet, to our great joy … [口语]像是要下雨,然而让我们高兴的是…

20. which of you could … 你们谁能……?(别用who了,太土了!!)

21. they are most beloved in one aspect. 有一点最受人爱/有一点最为可贵

22. Unlike … , which … , … it just … to … 不像…的…一样,它只是…,来…

23. You can never immediately tell whether or not it … until … 你不能立刻判断它是否…,非得等到…

24. One should be useful rather than great or nice-looking. 应该成为有用的人,而不是伟大或体面的人

25. Engraved in my mind. 深深地刻在脑海

26. … is a household name all over the country. ……是家喻户晓/名遍全国的。

27. … is always on the lips because … 把…天天挂在嘴上,因为…

28. What’s the use of being … ……又有什么用/有什么必要呢?

29. Uttered intermittently. 断断续续地说

30. Never calculating or particular about personal gains and losses. 不计较个人得失

31. Honor … with a posthumous reverent … 追授…一个…的谥号/称号

32. Become more and more … with the passing of time. 随着时间的流逝变得越来越……/越久越……

33. Never give up the pursuit of … 不要放弃… / 不要放弃对…的追求

34. Out of sheer necessity. 仅仅为了需要 / 纯粹因为需要

35. Be free to follow your own bent. 可以依自己的喜好去… / 自由自在地去追求自己的喜好

36. Be in the prime of life. 正当盛年 / 年富力强

37. … will soon be gone never to return. 一去不复返。

38. Be in one’s declining years. 风烛残年 / 精力衰微之时

39. As a means of subsistence. 作为生计 / 为了吃饭 / 作为谋生的手段

40. Remedy the situation by … 用……来补救

41. Come up against the urgent problem of … ……问题急需解决

42. How can one manage to … while … 人怎么能在…的同时还…呢?

43. Cut down on food and clothing and do everything possible to … 节衣缩食想尽办法去……

44. Time is no object. 时间不是问题。

45. … will be quite enough to make … a … …足够让一个…成为…了

46. The choice lies with you. 选择权在你们手里。

47. Henrik Ibsen says, “it is your supreme duty to cast yourself into a useful implement.”


48. Forsake … , and you will ruin yourself. 抛弃…,你便毁了你自己。

49. To go into scholarship, to engage in learning. 做学问

50. the only things of some value under my roof, if any, are …在我屋子里唯一贵重的东西就是…

51. Entertain ambition of making a profound study of … 怀有对……做一番高深研究的野心

52. It seemed that … can better satisfy … than … …比…更能满足…的需要

53. At one sitting. 一口气地…

54. It is completely subjected to the whims of the moment. 全凭当时的兴趣和念头。

55. Liken myself respectively to … 把我自己比作……

56. Thread-bound Chinese book. 线装书

57. My obsession of … have been very much on a decline. 我对……的狂热/着迷消除了不少。

58. To eat into one’s whole pocket. 花掉某人所有的钱。

59. But not all acquaintances are friends. 不是所有认识的都是朋友。

60. Have more scruples about this and that. 对身边的一切都有更多的顾虑。

61. We each followed a different course of life. 我们各自过着不同的生活。

62. Be bound to. 必然,一定会。 Somehow or other. 设法,莫名其妙地

63. … of bygone days will unfold again before one’s eyes. 过去的…又重新浮现在某人眼前。

64. In bloom of one’s youth. 在某人盛年的时候 / 在生命中最华美的时刻

65. Unwittingly 不知不觉地,无意识地

66. Fritter away. 渐渐地消失 / 慢慢地消耗 / 一点点地浪费

67. In twos and threes. 三三两两,零零星星

68. Negotiate shoals and reefs / deserts and gorges 跋涉(越过)礁石浅滩 / 荒漠峡谷

69. Be reduced to … as the last resort. 被逼到做……的地步,被迫干……为生

70. Foot passenger. 步行的人,行人

71. It stands to reason that … …也是合情合理的/显而易见的

72. Can ill afford to do something. 无法承受……

73. If it is beyond one’s capacity to single-handedly stem the prevailing of social evils, one should at least be self-disciplined so as not to make matters worse.

74. Pedantic view of bookish person. 酸腐的书生之见

75. Cool your heels。 坐冷板凳,空等

76. All that kills my idea of … 那足以让我打消……的念头

77. A good man always enjoys Heaven’s protection. 吉人天相

78. Misfortune never comes singly 祸不单行

79. Heaven always leaves one a way out. 天无绝人之路

80. Be in reduced circumstance. 每况愈下 / 光景惨淡

81. After some wavering, 犹豫一阵之后 / 犹豫不决了一阵

82. Talk somebody out of it(something), 劝说某人不做某事

83. Smart aleck 自作聪明的人/ 自作聪明的

84. Chip in 插嘴,打断,捐助,出钱 stroll about 游逛,游荡,闲游

85. Be watchful on the way, 路上警惕些,旅途当心

86. It is certainly no problem for a person of my age to …

对于我这样年纪 / 我这么大的人来说,……是没问题的

87. A strenuous job: 紧张的/费力的/艰苦的差使

88. Skullcap 无沿小帽,圆帽 Mandarin jacket 马褂 cotton-padded 填充棉絮的

89. Huddle up 蜷缩,挤成一团 Corpulent 肥胖的

90. Gush from涌出,不断流出 trickle 滴,淌,细流 ooze 渗出,淌出

91. Make an enormous exertion to … 尽全力做……

92. Pat the dirt off one’s clothes 拍去/掸去身上的尘土

93. until his figure was lost among crowds of people hurrying to and fro and no longer visible. 直到他的身影消失在来往的人群中,再也遍寻不见了。

94. live an unsettled life. 过着颠簸不定的日子 / 东奔西走

95. … with circumstances going from bad to worse. 一日不如一日 / 每况愈下

96. His pent-up emotion has to find a vent. 情郁于中,自然要发之于外。

97. the state of … filled somebody with a feeling of … ……的境况让人……

98. downcast 沮丧,颓废,颓唐

99. domestic triviality = household chores 家庭琐事 long gown 长袍,长衫

100. Frown upon the way … 不赞同……的方式 / 对…的方式颇有微词

101. Like a drop of water falling off a needle point into the ocean. 如针尖上的水滴入大海里

102. Quietly drip into the haste stream of time without leaving a trace. 汇入时间的洪流,杳无音迹

103. What is gone is gone. What is to come keeps coming. 去的已然去了,来的尽管来着

104. Edge away softly and stealthily 悄悄溜走,偷偷开溜

105. The fixed gaze of the eyes when lost in reverie 沉思时的凝望

106. Withstand the wear and tear of time. 经得住时间的磨洗 / 难以磨灭

107. Still remain engraved on one’s mind. 依然深刻地印在脑里

108. Either as a hired hand on contract or as a odd jobber. 或者做包工,或者打零工

109. with toothed blade 带锯齿口的(hatchet, chisel, saw, drill and plane, 斧,凿,锯,钻和刨子)

110. … is a real eye-opener to me. ……让我大开眼界

111. Bolt upright 笔直地, 端端正正地

112. He is a real agreeable person. 他非常平易近人

113. the well-meaning remarks of an affectionate father. (那只是)一个疼爱子女的父亲的好意

114. Shrug off one’s words as childish nonsense. 不屑于某人的话,当成小孩子的胡说

115. Risk one’s own life in doing … 冒着生命危险做…… / 拿命换……

116. Empty of 缺乏 / 把…洗劫一空,把…拿空

117. His eyes closed for good. 他永远地闭上了眼睛

118. One should be content with one’s lot. 一个人就要安分守己 / 认命

119. All that seems accidental, and also seems predestined. 一切都似偶然,一切又都似注定的

120. Come to realize still more fully the significance of … 更深切地感受到……的重要

121. Repay one’s kindness. 报答某人

122. Draw a line of demarcation between … and … 在…与…间划清界限

123. Pitch darkness. 沥青黑,漆黑一片

124. The rain continue to fall ,the long night wears on amidst its dripping sound. 雨声继续着,长夜在雨滴声中缓缓前行。

125. Nothing whatever can hold it up. 没有什么可以阻止它

126. Throw clouds of spray embodying love and hate, and happiness and sorrow. 投下喜怒哀乐的云翳

127. Like everybody else, 和其他人一样

128. I live in this world for the purpose of … 我来到这个世界的目的是……

129. I don’t know what the future has in store for me. 我不知道未来还有什么东西在等待着我

130. Twenty odd 二十多, ten odd years 十多年 (odd的用法!)

131. There is at first no roads at all and that a road is created simply by the treading of passers-by.


132. This quotation reflects aptly the true meaning of … 这段引用恰当地表达了……的真意

133. Bring the enemy sure death without drawing their blood. 不一定要流仇敌的血,但却置之于死地

134. Bask in the sunshine under a clean sky 在晴空下晒太阳

135. … just serves to increase his stamina and strengthen his mind. …只会增强他的力量和意志

136. As the rain ceased to patter. 雨渐渐止了。

137. The crescent new moon. 新月 Grape trellis 葡萄架

138. At (long) last. 最后,最终

139. Interwoven / intermingle 相互交织/相互交融

140. To think that… ! 真没想到……!

141. To think to oneself… 一个人暗自在想……

142. To point one’s finger at … 有指责某人之意

143. Go round the bend 发疯,发狂,变得歇斯底里

144. A star-studded sky. 繁星点点的夜空

145. Make-believe 虚幻的,伪装的 a make-believe world 虚幻的世界

146. The splendor and magnificence of the scene is beyond all description. 那壮丽与新奇简直说不尽了

147. do my bit to make a still better place of my country. 尽自己一份力,把祖国建设得更美好

148. At the heels of … 紧跟在……的后面

149. Keep Early hours. 早睡早起 Kerosene lamp 煤油灯

150. With an irresistible inner urge to unbosom oneself. 不吐不快的倾诉

151. Wishy-washy 空泛的,淡而无味的,水分多的

152. Rambling through … 在…漫步 specks of mud 泥点,斑点

153. Come across … 无意中发现,偶遇

154. cast away. 被丢掉,遗弃,失事 Let out + sound, 发出……声音

155. Fickle man 薄幸的男人,浪子 frivolous woman 水性杨花的女人,轻佻女子

156. Be trodden down upon by the wayside … 在路旁任人践踏

157. Sprinkle 撒,播撒,少量 Strew 散播,洒满,零星散布

158. Pluck out a white hair from mother’s head. 从母亲头上拔下一根白发

159. But it is … that has been the cause of … 但…才一直是…的原因

160. (Chinese) Inkwash Painting 水墨画 Seal Carving 篆刻 TCM 中草药/中医

161. The gentle waves licking at the shores give forth a humming sound like that of fish in shoals. 舐岸的微波吐出群鱼喋噏的声韵。

162. All that forebode a … 所有的都预示着一场……

163. Crematory = crematorium 火葬场 Scribble 乱画,潦草地书写

164. Every nook and corner of … 每一个角落,到处

165. Shy away from … 回避,躲避,退缩

166. Complicated and multifaceted. 复杂而多层次的,难以解析的

167. Just fancy that … 只要想想…… / 真想不到……

168. In contrast with … in its entirety, … is a mere drop in the ocean.跟…整体相比,…不过是沧海一粟

169. Words fail me where silent smiles and tears well express my innermost feelings. 言语是不够的,只有独自微笑或落泪才能把内心的感受表现的更外面一些。

170. I shall fail to do justice to … if I should do no more than … 倘若只让我…,那我就没法真正地…

171. Be too much of … 太多了,太过于……了

172. It smacks of … 这带点……的味道 / 有些许……的气息

173. Enjoy a perfect inner calm, free from any desire or fear. 内心平静,无欲无求(惧)

174. Retain stillness in the midst of motion. 动中有静

175. While A have to turn to …, … will be more than adequate for B. A必须要……,而B只需……就够了。

176. Embody natural in the midst of artificial. 在人为中显出自然

177. Neither too crowd nor too secluded. 既不太拥挤也不太僻静

178. A stone’s throw. 几步远,一箭之地 Put forth. 提出,发表,开花,发芽

179. Be naturally drawn to … 自然而然地被……吸引

180. Morning glory. 牵牛花, Trumpet Creeper 喇叭花, Marvel-of-Peru 紫茉莉/草茉莉

181. China pink / Indian Pink 石竹, hyacinth bean 扁豆

182. Present a scene of poetic charm 如诗如画 / 饱含诗意的美

183. Bring people into closer contact with nature by … 拉近了人与自然的距离

184. A carefree life. 无忧无虑的日子

185. To adapt … to real life. 把……应用到真实生活中来,把……付诸现实

186. Night-Blooming cereuses 昙花 seedling 秧苗,幼苗

187. Shed tears over…… 因……而悲痛

188. Flowers and plants grow in luxuriance. 花草繁茂

189. Weather through。 度过(困难阶段)

190. Get the hang of … 熟悉……的用法,摸清……的情况,理解某事

191. Keyed up, 紧张的,兴奋的,动员起来的

192. Abandon … to their own fate. 任其自生自灭

193. Felt 毡,毡制品 felt blanket 羊毛毯/毛毡毯

194. The Loess Plateau 黄土高原

195. Uncultivated virgin area 未开垦的处女领域

196. Man’s triumph over Nature 人类对大自然的胜利 / 人定胜天

197. As flat as a whetstone 光滑如磨刀石

198. Were it not for … 要不是…, 如果不是…

199. The sight of the scene will probably call up inside you a string of ... 此情此景莫不让人联想到……

200. So much so that … 到这样的程度以至于……/如此,以致……

201. For my part. 就我而言,对我来说,我认为

202. I cannot keep myself from … 我实在忍不住要……/我无法不……

203. Much less … 更不用说……, 更何况于

204. Trudge through. 跋涉,步履艰难地走

205. Simplicity, earnestness, dauntlessness and unyieldingness. 质朴,诚恳,英勇无畏,坚强不屈

206. How could you fail to … 你怎能不……?难道你会不……?

207. Be the symbolic of the spirit and will of … 成为……精神和意志的象征

208. Bursting with vitality 生命力极强,有坚韧的生命力

209. Capable of surviving any hardship or oppression. 折磨不了,压迫不倒,顽强地活着

210. I pay tribute to … 我赞美/歌颂……

211. be loud in someone's praise 极力称赞/赞扬 某人

212. Knowing no one who I could approach with my questions and my doubts, I turned to God;

213. Always have something to recommend himself. 总有可取之处,总有闪光点

214. Make light of … 轻视,藐视,不在意……

215. Onetime capital。 故都。 Muddle along 得过且过,混日子,浑浑噩噩

216. Unlike famous flowers which are most attractive when half opening, good wine which is most tempting when one is half drunk, autumn, however, is best appreciated at its entirety. 秋不是名花,也不是美酒,那一种半开、半醉的状态,在领略秋的过程上,是不合适的。

217. Put somebody in mind of … 让某人回忆起/记起……

218. Reed catkin 芦花, willow catkin 柳絮, chirping insects 鸣虫, reverberating bell 钟声

219. Be of itself, 自发(流露),自然而然地 well up 涌出,表达,流露

220. The clouds roll towards the west and the sun come out in the sky 云卷,天空放晴~~~

221. Creep up on. 爬上,悄悄降临,不知不觉地到来

222. Thorny jujube tree 酸枣树 persimmon tree 柿子树

223. History treats all humans alike. 历史是公平的

224. With a slight touch of regret at the passing of time. 伤怀时光的消逝

225. In spite of oneself… 不由自主地

226. Woman’s only career lies in matrimony. —— Lin Yutang. 女人唯一的事业便是结婚。

227. ……? That sounds like the chicken-egg question. ……呢?这好比先有鸡还是先有蛋的问题。

228. Thinking the matter over and over again, I cannot but come to the conclusion that …

229. Neither … nor … has anything to recommend itself. ……不好,……也不好。

230. Petticoat influence 裙带关系, 姻亲影响

231. Meanness and ruthlessness 卑鄙冷酷,残忍无情

232. It means nothing to …, but it is everything to … 对某人微不足道,对另外人却是全部/命根

233. Look askance at … 斜眼看,瞟(常带有怀疑,鄙夷,厌恶等情绪)

234. Hang about, 聚在一起,闲逛,游荡,待在某人身边

235. Bounded duty 本分,天职,应尽的义务

236. Keep body and soul together 仅仅能维持生存

237. Gulp down 狼吞虎咽地吃,忍住,强抑住

238. Guardian gods to Buddha 金刚。

239. Herculean strength 力大无比,神力 Hercules 力士,大力神

240. All the answers turned out to be wide of the mark 答案完全不对,离谱。

241. Likewise, one who has never gone through the baptism of romantic love will have little genuine knowledge of life. 没有受过浪漫的恋爱洗礼的人生,不算真人生。

242. Mencius says, “The desire for food and sex is nature.” 孟子曰,食色性也。

243. If one remains a lifelong stranger to love, how can he thoroughly understand life? 一个一生不恋爱的人,又如何能够了解人生?

244. At an opportune moment. 在恰当的时机

245. Carnal desire 肉欲 Platonic love 纯爱

246. in this present world overflowing with material desires, 在这个物欲横流的世界

247. Love has become a mere game ever since humanity set out on its way to extinction. 人性开始灭亡之际,恋爱也成了游戏

248. See to it that, 努力使,保证,务必要(相当于make sure that)

249. Windfall. 被风吹落的果子,意外收获,意外之财

250. Frisk for… 搜查,搜身 / 蹦跳,快乐

251. Put on air. 装腔作势 Big shot 大人物,大佬

252. Bark up the wrong tree. 攻击错目标,找错人了

253. Crotch 分叉处,(人的)胯部,裤裆

254. Be rolling in money 非常有钱的,非常阔绰

255. Spoils 战利品,赃物 loot 战利品,抢劫,洗劫,掠夺物

256. Be seized with 被(强烈的情感、愿望等)影响

257. Tears well up in my eyes and blurred my glasses泪水涌出我的双眼,模糊了眼镜。

258. Other than. 除了,不同于,异于 foolproof 十分简单的,十分安全的,错不了的

259. Hedgehog 刺猬, sea urchin 海胆, snake slough 蛇蜕

260. Do your bit. 做有益的事情,做出贡献

261. Earmark for 制定专用,划拨专项使用,特定用于

262. One who does not work hard in youth will grieve in vain in old age. 少壮不努力老大徒伤悲。

263. In the matter of. 就……而论,在……方面

264. The First Four Books of History: 前四史(汉书,后汉书,史记,三国志)

265. Lithographic edition 石版油印的,平版印刷的

266. Pluck up the courage 鼓起勇气,振作精神

267. Go in for 参加,从事,参与,赞成

268. Good health is the wherewithal for a successful life and career. 健康的身体是做人做事的真正本钱

269. Ulterior motive 隐秘不明的动机,另有所图,别有用心

270. Overstress the importance of … 过分强调……的重要性

271. As dry as sawdust 如锯木屑般枯燥 / 味同嚼蜡

272. Liberal arts and natural sciences 人文科学与自然科学 / 文理科

273. On the pretext of … 以……为借口

274. Rudiments of knowledge 基本功,基础,入门知识

275. Not to speak of … 更不用说…… / 而且还……

276. All-round training 全面训练,通才培训

277. Back down = beat a retreat 放弃,撤退

278. A flight of staircase / steps 一段楼梯,一段台阶

279. In all earnest. 认真地,恳切地/再三央求地

280. Scenic spots and historical sites. 名胜古迹

281. In the habit of … 有……的习惯 silk tree:合欢树,马缨花树

282. Hit upon = come across = find by chance 偶然发现/偶然想到/偶然碰到

283. Secret service特务机关,秘密情报处

284. Get bogged down停滞,陷入困境,陷入问题

285. Conditioned reflex条件反射 next to none很少,几乎没有

286. To the point of … 达到……的程度

287. Literary criticism 文学批评 / 文艺评论

288. Redology 红学,红楼梦研究 stupefaction 麻醉,昏迷,麻木状态

289. To my mind 据我观点,在我看来

290. Social strata 社会阶层 skin-deep 肤浅的,轻微的,表面的

291. Differ from each other in … 有着迥异的……

292. Family background, social experience, cultural tradition, psychological condition. (注意搭配!)

293. The list could go on and on endlessly, so I wouldn’t mind stopping here. 很好的套语

294. Of each and every 每一个,每个 Alas alas alas alas alas唉!

295. Creative and conducive to … 对……有创意且有益

296. Be saddled with the epithet of “originator of a bad practice” 背上始作俑者的恶名

297. Be very much like … 和……一模一样 / 如出一辙

298. Dying groans and sighs, anguish, sad and helpless垂死的呻吟和叹息,悲痛,悲哀而又无奈

299. Be advanced in years 年老的,上了年纪的 shoulder pole 扁担

300. A great many things will forever be cherished in my memory.

301. Eke out (辛苦经营,勉强维持) a bare subsistence 竭力维持温饱的生活

302. Do farming, till lands, plant vegetables, feed pigs, raise silkworms and spin cotton into yarn. 务农,耕地,种菜,喂猪,养蚕,纺棉。

303. Work hard from dawn to dusk 起早贪黑地工作(from predawn to midnight)

304. The knack of … ……的诀窍 榨油 squeeze/extract oil from

305. Coarse grain粗粮 大麦barley,小麦wheat, 燕麦oat,荞麦 buckwheat, 青稞 Highland barley, 高粱 sorghum/kaoliang, 小米/黍 millet,

306. With gusto 满怀热情的,津津有味的 eat with gusto 吃得津津有味

307. Long-stemmed Chinese pipe 大烟,旱烟

308. Diligence and frugality,generosity and kindheartedness 勤劳和简朴,慷慨和善良

309. Ride roughshod over 欺压,欺凌 Scrape up 积攒,凑足

310. To keep up appearance 撑场面,撑门面

311. Gentry 人们(多贬义),贵族们,有钱人

312. War of Resistance to Japan. 抗日战争,抗战

313. Never bow down to any difficulty 不向(任何)困难低头

314. Bequeathed somebody … 馈赠给,赠予某人……

315. Pack with 挤进,塞进,塞满了人

316. Hair disheveled like wind-blown withered grass, eyes blood-shot, shuffle languidly in the slippers. 头发凌乱得像吹乱的枯草,眼睛布满血丝,颓然地趿拉着拖鞋。

317. A blind alley = a dead-end = cul-de-sac 死胡同

318. Moss-covered and hung with clusters of fresh green wisteria, which almost like screens of primitive simplicity. 苔痕斑斑,挂满苍翠欲滴的藤萝,简直像古朴的屏风。

319. Reign peace and quiet amidst of noisy bustle. 闹中取静,别有天地

320. Where each family have their covered-up stories of joys and sorrows, and rise and decline. 家家有一本哀乐账,有一部兴衰史

321. A water-like placidness will make one forget all cares and worries. 平静如水澄明,使人忘忧

322. Greedy sidelong glances and malicious squints. 贪婪的睨视,恶意的斜觑。

323. Roam about leisurely 悠闲地散步 a heavenly abode for … …的乐土,洞天幽境

324. Exchange knowing looks at one another 相互交换眼色,使眼色

325. Questionable attitude towards life and career. 生活作风问题(不端正的作风)

326. Be taken aback 被惊到,吃了一惊

327. 鸡笼 coop, (鸡)咯咯叫 cackle, yell blue murder 大声惊呼,大惊小怪地叫嚷

328. A glib tongue = a well-oiled tongue 油嘴滑舌的

329. Engrossed in doing … 一心做,埋头干。。。

330. As something ingrained, it cannot be completely changed overnight. 根深蒂固,不可能朝夕改正

331. The discontinuance of heartbeat. 心脏停止了跳动

332. Play up to bigwigs 奉承阿谀权贵之人/趋炎附势 frame-up 陷害,捏造,诬陷

333. Crystal clear 完全明白,极其清楚

334. Hearing is not necessarily less credible than seeing. 耳听不一定为虚,眼见不一定为实

335. The world over = worldwide 全世界(用作后置定语)

336. Having blind faith in … 盲目信仰,盲目相信……

337. Far from being faultless. 远不是完美无缺的

338. To do somebody a (gross) injustice. (巨大的/严重地)冤枉某人,对某人不公

339. Alms bowl 钵盂,和尚的金钵

340. On no account 绝不 Seek a living for oneself 谋份生路 / 讨生活

341. Get up to mischief 玩闹,乱动

342. Inadvertent 非故意的,不注意的,疏忽的

343. An illustrated edition 插图版

344. Get wind of … 耳闻,听到……的风声

345. Pay tribute to … 歌颂,称赞…… ask(play) riddles 猜谜语

346. the story “Flooding Jinshan Monastery”. A man named Xu Xian rescued two snakes, one white and one green. The white snake changed into a woman to repay Xu’s kindness and married him, while the green snake changed into her maid and accompanied her. A Buddhist monk by the name of Fa Hai saw from Xu’s face that he had been bewitched by an evil spirit, so he hid Xu behind the shrine in Jinshan Monastery, and when Lady White Snake came to look for her husband the whole place was flooded. In the end Fa Hai trapped Lady White Snake, and put her in a small alms-bowl. He buried this bowl in the ground, and built a pagoda over it to prevent her getting out. This was Leifeng Pagoda by West Lake.

347. The wretchedness of life and the hopeless situation caused him to take to smoking, drinking and gambling. 悲惨的生活和绝望的处境使他渐渐开始染上抽烟、酗酒和赌钱。

348. With poverty came sickness. 病随穷来。

349. Utter falteringly 支支吾吾地说

350. Be all for the best 结果会是好的,(表面上看起来不好但)出于好意,到头来会是好事

351. Wretch 可怜的人,不幸的人,卑鄙的人

352. More dead than alive 筋疲力尽,累得要死 a heap of 一大堆,许多

353. Umbilical cord 脐带, placenta 胎盘,

354. At the painful recollection 在痛苦的回忆当儿……

355. Hoe 锄头, shovel 铁铲, spade 铁锹, plough 犁,

356. At the crack of dawn, 黎明时分,天刚破晓

357. Nuptial(婚礼的,结婚的) chamber = bridal chamber 洞房

358. Indisposition 微恙,不舒服,小病

359. Time and again 屡次,常常

360. In view of the public and the personal concerns 于公于私,

361. Earn sb a niche at the temple of fame 名留青史

362. Overthrow the monarch and establish the republic 推翻帝制,建立共和

363. Unshirkable responsibility, 无法逃避的责任,义不容辞之责

364. The Three People’s Principles 三民主义

365. The present international situation is capricious. 国际局势变幻无常。

366. Time will not stay and brief is the day, a long night invites bad dreams. 来日苦短,夜长梦多,时不我待。

367. “For all the disasters the brotherhood has remained; a smile at meeting and enmity is banished.”


368. It fills me with much concern to learn of … 近闻……,颇感关切/甚为挂念

369. A great achievement to go down in history 千秋伟业

Be beset with difficulties: 被 所困扰,包围

Nothing short of : only

Surmount: 克服

A mighty long river

Fare likewise: 过活,遭遇,进展相同


Be confronted with: 遭遇 面临

Brace up our spirits: 打起精神,下定决心

Grow restless:不安

Help sb out:帮助解决困难


Take after: 向 学习

Be engraved in one’s mind: 铭刻心中

A household name

Be on the lips of sb

Weak in memory and sloppy in thinking: 草率,粗心,邋遢

With a grin:

On urgent business:有急事

What with…and (what with)…一方面由于,另一方面由于,半因

Breathe one’s last: pass away

Pet phrase: 口头禅


Personal gains and losses: 个人得失

Innumerable: 无数 大量 in large quantities, bountiful

Spread far and wide: 广传

Out of sheer necessity: 出于 需要,不得已

Follow one’s own bent (inclination): 平爱好兴趣办事

Be in the prime of life:盛年 年富力强

A special field of study:一种专门学问

Youth should be gone never to return: 一去不复返

Do sb a good turn: 于。。有益 不辜负

Make a living /earn one’s bread

Set one’s mind on 致力于

Time is no object.时间不是问题

Through the ages 古往今来

Eat into

From cover to cover

By dint of

At one sitting

Obsession with

Subject to

Slip into the old rut

Needless to say

Social intercourse 社交

Have little in common with

Give little thought to

As it were 似乎 可以说是

Have good reason to 有理由干什么

Worthy of remembrance 值得回忆

Bygone days

In the habit of 习惯做。。。

Unwittingly 不知不觉的

Reparable loss 可修复的损失

Ward off starvation 避开(坏事 危险)

As a last resort

On reflection 想一想

Bedding 铺盖

Be reduced to

Beneath oneself to do

Invariably 总是 一直

It stands to reason that。。。是合乎情理的

Care to 喜欢 愿意

Fish for help寻找帮助

Generate in me a feeling

Personal connections

Beyond one’s capacity to do

Solicit help 寻求帮助 resort to turn to sb for help

Disdain to do

Go here and there =go about

So and so =such and such

Kill my idea of 打消念头

Let alone=

Divorce from :分离

Urge to do:有 强烈欲望

For good(and all): 永久 一劳永逸

Violate taboo:

For one’s part: 至于某人来说,对 而言

Dissuade sb from doing: 说服不要做

Refrain from doing: 忍住,抑制住做。。。

Set one’s mind at rest:使某人安心

It is more than 2 years since I last saw my father

Misfortunes never come singly

Heaven always leaves one a way out.

Between …and …: 由于什么的共同作用

Urge sb to do

After some wavering:经过一些犹豫 动摇

Talk sb out of sth: 打消某人想法,劝阻不要做

Smart aleck: 自作聪明,自以为是的人smarty


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